Agreed Upon Fictions

Agreed Upon Fictions
by Shayne Kennedy
produced by 16th St Theater

Jeff Recommended

Katie is a good mother.  She’s a natural Good Samaritan, and her family is happy and secure. But when the most vulnerable member of the community is revealed as a threat, Katie’s instincts lead her to try to protect both her neighbor and her family, leaving no one feeling safe.
Select Praise:
“Playwright Shayne Kennedy says she drew on an experience in her own life for the play, a tight, tension-driven piece that runs just under 90 minutes. The cast here fleshes out her anxious family dynamics, giving us reactive characters and ever-mounting suspense. The finale stuns… Director Megan Shuchman drives forward with a matter-of-factness that makes the scene’s gravitas all the more powerful. The last moments leave us with no monster to hunt, just a man in pain and a woman exhausted from walking a very thin line.” — Chicago Reader, Reader Recommended
Playwright: Shayne Kennedy
Scenic Design: Mike Mroch
Costume Design: Izumi Inaba
Sound Design: Chris Kriz
Lighting Design: Brandon Wardell
Props Design: Jesse Gaffney
Assistant Director: JD Caudill

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