Dead Pile

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Dead Pile
by Laura Jacqmin
World premiere produced by Thirteen Pocket

Jeremy is a first-time undercover activist, investigating disturbing practices on an Indiana dairy farm. Entangled in the extreme actions of a desperate people, he is in a race against time to expose the truth before he is discovered. A viciously comic thrilled that explores the dark underbelly of the food industry and Midwest America.
Select Praise:
“This show avoids all the traps of the polemic, treating this difficult subject matter with considerable nuance and complexity… the director, Megan Shuchman, moves the action swiftly and honestly, and the designer has forged quite a powerful design, made up of debris and tangled metal as a stand in for the mangled beasts whose carcasses litter this troubled and troubling farm.” -Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
Playwright: Laura Jacqmin
Scenic Design: Mike Mroch
Sound Design and Composition: Chris Kriz
Photos: Michael Litchfield